• Conor Murphy - Foxing
  • Erik Czaja - Dowsing
  • Evan Weiss - Into it. Over it.
  • Ben Hendricks - Annabel
  • Keith Latinen - Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
  • Alissa Reynolds - Alissa Reynolds Photography

I hung out with some incredibly talented folks last night. 

(Photos by Derek McNelly. Please don’t remove credit.)

Keith looks adorable

Because He's There, And He Hates Me


Midwest Pen Pals- Because He’s There, and He Hates Me

"But let’s pretend that we’re okay, is that okay? Just right now.
I miss your hand inside of mine, I miss the times we’d use to cry,
when mom was drunk and yours just sucked and everything was so sixteen.
And although I still see you around, it’s just not the same”

(via dwighttherockeisenhower)